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Utility Services


You can now pay your electricity, telephone, mobile, insurance bills online electronically, and subscribe can also give their contribution to various charities through RSG-WALLET.

When you move into a house or an apartment, you pay for utility services like gas, electricity, or water. To get these services, companies often look at your credit history – including your record of paying for utilities at any previous residences. Paying your utility bills on time is important. If you're strapped for money, there are ways to control your bill and handle tough situations to keep your utilities on.


  • Users can make safe and fast transactions with utility services.
  • RSG-WALLET system accepts all kinds of bill payments across India.
  • Clients can also check the detailed history of their transactions in RSG-WALLET.
  • Client will receive an instant confirmation over the registered email id.


  • Electricity Bill
  • Telecommunication
  • DTH Recharge
  • Water Bill
  • Gas Bill

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