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Privacy Policy

Data receive and collect

RSG Pay collects and receives certain specific information from the mobile devices after confirmation from the user. These data are used in enhancing better user experience and also used in the internal service process to prevent forge activities. The information includes the user's activities on our Platforms, users' hardware and Operating system information, and network-related information for providing seamless services to our users using this information.We do not collect any user credit, debit, or other information. All data provided by the user on the payment gateway and on another platform will be stored on the service provider end, we only collect the transactional information to provide tracking for the transactions.

Each time you visit the Platforms

Each time a user visits our platform we collect information to provide the user the best offer and service we have available for the location. We collect users' location-related, network-related as well as users device-related information.

When you first register for a RSG Pay account

We only collect basic and necessary information from our users which will be used for billing and for the service embed process.

Advantages of working with RSG Pay

RSG Pay follows best-in-class security measures to provide our users a better and secure environment for all types of transactions. We make sure all our client data security on all ends.

RSG Pay uses visitors' data for the following general purposes and for other specific ones that are important. To identify you when you log in to your account so we can start or user security process for the entire session and duration. This collected information Enables us to operate the Services and provide them to you with a seamless experience.

Verify your transactions and for billing, security, and authentication (including security tokens for communication with installed). Always take security measures like not saving passwords or writing them down. We analyze Services and information about our visitors.

Better understand your needs

In the aggregate, diagnose problems, analyze trends, improve the features and usability of the Services, and better understand and market to our customers and users. We keep the Services safe and secure for everyone .

In these ways please stop using the services

RSG Pay uses tracking technology on our platform, in the Applications, and in the Platforms, including mobile application identifiers and a unique user ID to help us recognize you across different Services, to monitor usage and traffic routing for the Services, and to customize.

By visiting RSG Pay or using the services you agree

Each time you visit the platform or otherwise use the Services, we automatically collect your IP address, browser and device type, access times, the web page from which you came, the regions from which you navigate the web page, and the web page(s) you access. When you first register for an RSG Pay account.